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Indonesian Buffet

Buffet Menus

For a minimum of 40 guests

Lumpia ayam jamur/Crispy chicken and mushroom rool
Roti gulung ayam keju/Cesar chicken and egg tortilla

Salad Bar
Gado – gado
Urab timun in slice cucumber with spice grated coconut
Grilled clams semboko with ulek spice and ginger flower and teri medan

Peanut sauce, Sune cekuh dressing

Sop udang kelapa/Spice prawn coconut broth with seafood

Main Course
Udang bakar madu/Grill prawn 2 pcs per person in a separate table
Gurame bakar madu/Grill honey fish carp
Iga sapi bakar/Grill beef ribs in black pepper sauce
Bebek goreng/Fried braised duck
Pia rendang sapi/Rendang spice beef pie
Sate lilit ayam/Grilled minced chicken satay on a bamboo stick
Kangkung terasi/ Sauteed water spinach with grated shrimp paste
Chap cay goreng/ Stir fried vegetable in oyster sauce
Mie Goreng/Stir fried noodle
Nasi Putih/ White steam rice

Sauce’s & Condiments
Sambal Terasi/ grilled spice mix flavor shrimp paste
Sambal Bakar kemiri/Grilled spice mix paste flavor candle nut
Chili soya, krupuk udang kecil, acar, kacang tanah, serundeng

Tropical fruit dulang
Pisang goreng keju/ Fried banana fritter with caramel sauce and cheese
Chocolate brownies stack
Cerorot with conical cone shape rice flour cake
Slice fresh fruit

Price IDR 375,000++
Prices are subject to a 21% tax and service charge