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Balinese Buffet

Buffet Menus

For a minimum of 40 guests

Lumpia sayur/Crispy vegetable rool
Roti gulung gepuk keju/Beef floos, nori and egg tortilla

Sop Gerang Asem/ spice chicken soup

Salad Bars
Gado – gado
Jukut Gedang with papaya and prawn salad

Peanut sauce, Sune cekuh dressing

Main Dishes
Nasi sele/White rice with steamed dice potato
Nasi Goreng Bali/Stir – fried rice shrimp paste chili spice
Sayur pakis mekalas/Sautéed fern tip in yellow spice and coconut milk
Lawar nangka in dice cut jackfruit in mixed spice
Tum ayam/Steamed cube chicken wrapped in banana leaf
Pepes Be Pasih/Grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf
Ayam Kalas/Braised chicken in ‘opor’ manner
Mixed sate with pork loin in tamarid base ‘rajang’ paste
Balinese spice pork ribs in tomato shrimp paste
Urutan Celeng/Fried minced pork in ‘turmeric ‘spice paste piped in tripe

Carving Station
Babi guling/ Roasted suckling pig

Sauce’s & Condiments
Sambal Terasi/ grilled spice mix flavor shrimp paste
Sambal mba, krupuk udang kecil, acar, kacang tanah, serundeng

Tropical fruit dulang
Cerorot with conical cone shape rice flour cake
Tape goreng keju/ Fried cassava fritter with caramel sauce and cheese Buah Potong/ Fresh fruit slice.

Price IDR 350,000++
Prices are subject to a 21% tax and service charge